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Patriot Flags
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Flying the flag has long been a tradition for Carr Printing Co. For years we have sold flags as part of our Election Printing and Supply division. During times of conflict, war, or national holidays many individuals become more patriotic. Patriot Flags is a separate division of Carr Printing Co. created to sell U.S. and Utah flags to the public.

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US Flag - 3'x5' Nylon

US Flag - 3'x5' Polyester

2-ply Polyester - Best

US Flag - 4'x6' Nylon

US Flag - 4'x6' Polyester

2-ply Polyester - Best

US Flag - 5'x8' Nylon

US Flag - 5'x8' Polyester

2-ply Polyester - Best

US Flag - 6'x10' Nylon

US Flag - 6'x10' Polyester

2-ply Polyester - Best

Utah Flag - 3'x5' Nylon

Utah Flag - 3'x5' Polyester

Utah Flag - 4'x6' Nylon

Utah Flag - 4'x6' Polyester

Utah Flag - 5'x8' Nylon

Utah Flag - 5'x8' Polyester

Utah Flag - 6'x10' Nylon